Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out Angelina...

I adopted a Whale Shark!

Who cares if you have Brad Pitt's babies...

Who by the way is looking awfully rough these days...What the hell are you putting that guy through??

I am the proud new adoptive Mama to a beautiful whale shark. So There!

So, a pod of Whale Sharks was spotted last week about 15 miles off the coast of where I live. Three have been tagged by Mote Marine (the local marine biology lab) and are now being tracked in an effort to learn more about these beautiful creatures.

While reading the article about these giant fuckin fish that I am so fascinated with I noticed a link that said adopt this animal..

Which prompted me to text the boyfriend...

Me: Hey. Wanna adopt a whale shark?

Him: I'm in...Where we gonna keep it? (cuz he's funny like that)

Me: That's the beauty of it...We become his parents and he stays in The Gulf. We don't have to feed him or nothing...And he's tagged, so we will always no where he is.

So today we adopted Dylan, a 25 foot whale shark who weighs like 15 fuckin tons.

And so far he has been the perfect child!

And here he is...

Isn't he a beauty?