Friday, February 29, 2008

Kind of like Christmas in July....but different!

Friday nights are for relaxing. After a nice soak in the hot tub husband and I are enjoying a glass of wine while watching a fire burn in our fire pit. To preface the conversation between the two of us I must let you know that he has been in physical therapy after a recent surgery.

I look over at husband and he's doing some sort of calf raises while siting in his chair.

And so the conversation goes....

Me: " Are you doing an exercise that your therapist told you to do?"

Husband: " No, actually I was dancing."

Me: "I don't hear any music. Do you have a song in your head?"

Husband: " Yeah, Ba bump bump.... Snap. Ba bump bump...Snap. Cause this is Thriller. Thriller night."

Me: WTF? "The only time that song EVER enters my mind is around Halloween, and only because it's on the radio."

He continues to sing, and now has recruited Lola as one of his GHOULS!

I think I'm gonna BEAT IT and have another glass of wine.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A sip of wine, my husband's t-shirt, and a thought...

So I'm sitting on the lanai after dinner. Dog by my side...duh. Husband gets up to walk inside. I read the back of his t-shirt. It states " I do what the voices in my tackle box tell me to do". Interesting. Plastic items talking to you?

How do you think he would respond to me wearing a shirt that states " I do what the voices in my wallet tell ME to do"?

Why Lola deserves credit...

A lot of the blogs that I read are those of stay at home moms. Most of my friends are stay at home mom's too. I firmly believe having children has to be the toughest job on the planet. Stay at home moms deserve a lot of credit!! I however am a working dog mom and Lola is the light of my life! She is a wonderful companion, an excellent guard dog (stay away from our lanai you dangerous birds and evil bunny rabbits), and the best running partner ever. She came into my life after unexpectedly losing my dog that I had since college . Since then, LIFE IS GOOD.....LIFE IS A DOG!

Am I really blogging?

I learned about blogging from an old highschool friend. At first I laughed. Now I'm addicted to reading them. I thought I would give it a shot and try my own. My husband is going to think I'm NUTS ( I think he thinks this anyway). So here goes....