Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Old Guy

Cracks me up!!!

So I went to The Rays game last night. I'm not sure how many games total that is for me so far this season. Anyhow...They have lost every game that I have attended.

So I get an email from The Old Guy this morning asking me " If The Rays ever win from time to time?"

Now The Old Guy doesn't watch baseball...I think he just checks the score when he knows I am there. That's why he thinks all they do is lose.

I responded to his email telling him "They only win when I'm NOT there."

This email just came to my inbox...

Dear Mrs. So and So (the former and soon to be Miss So and So),

We the management of the Rays would very much appreciate it if in the future you have an interest in attending any of our home games that you do so in disguise. We would be glad to treat you to an $8 beer or two if you can comply.

I know how much the Rays mean to you so I feel you will automatically agree to this.

Thanks to you in advance,

The Rays Management team


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, "the Rays management." Love it!

Stereos and Souffles said...

Damn, you're gonna miss this guy!

Newlywed said...

Gotta love the old guy!

old guy said...

As always just looking out for your best well as the Rays!

PaperCourt said...

I hope old guy is planning to buy the house next door to your new place.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Very cute! So, how far away are you going to be living from the Old Guy?

Tipsy Nikki said...

lol, that's awesome.