Monday, March 31, 2008

100 Things about Me

1. I'm equally terrified and obsessed with sharks.
2. I clip coupons.
3. I am addicted to entering sweepstakes, and do so daily.
4. I am a Daddy's girl.
5. I gave up peanut butter almost 5 years ago because I associate it with a stomach bug I caught.
6. Munchos are my favorite potato chips.
7. I met my husband in the operating room.
8. I desperately want to start a family.
9. My mother died when I was 13 (explains why I am a Daddy's girl).
10. I can touch my tongue to my nose.
11. I performed in a NFL halftime show when I was in high school.
12. I love football! Especially The Buccaneers!
13. I make some DAMN GOOD oven baked BBQ chicken.
14. I love to cook.
15. I think Wentworth Miller (from Prison Break) is TOO sexy for words.
16. I am obsessed with working out.
17. I love to play tennis.
18. Golf, NOT SO MUCH.
19. I flushed the family goldfish down the toilet when I was in high school because I was tired of taking care of it.
20. I am not intimidated by my MIL, although she thinks I am.
21. I love to run.
22. My stepmother is one of my best friends.
23. My father is too.
24. If I open a bag of Cheetos regardless of the size, I will eat them all (and have orange fingers for two days).
25. Christmas is my favorite holiday. This past year I had 5 trees.
26. I love to look for seashells.
27. I love the water.
28. I'm scared of heights and discovered this when I climbed to the top of the Chitza Nitza ruins in Mexico.
29. I hate to floss.
30. I am employed by my high school sweetheart.
31. A male friend once told me that "I was cuter than a bucket of turtles" It is one of my favorite compliments ever!
32. I get very nervous about flying.
33. I love Key Lime Pie.
34. I love silly people.
35. I was a dancer in high school.
36. I love to go out dancing.
37. I cannot sleep with my feet covered or with socks on no matter how cold it is.
38. I love Jimmy Buffet.
39. I love Key West.
40. I love monkeys.
41. I was born in the North and moved to the South at age 4.
42. Hydrangea is my favorite flower.
43. I hate to fold laundry.
44. I have worked in the medical field for 11 years.
45. I graduated from Technical School with a 3.8 GPA
46. I dream about living in the islands.
47. I'm very sensitive.
48. I'm a loyal friend.
49. I don't attend church but I pray everyday.
50. One of my best friends sons has juvenile diabetes and he is included in my daily prayers.
51. I have a hard time sleeping in.
52. I love leopard print.
53. I realized that I loved and was going to marry my husband on a dreary day in San Francisco.
54. I have two stepsisters.
55. I once was a vegetarian for two years. Then I woke up on my 21st birthday craving a roast beef sandwich.
56. I have never hired a maid.
57. My name is unusual.
58. I kept my maiden name as my middle name per my father's request.
59. I don't have much of a sweet tooth.
60. I love celebrity gossip.
61. I talk to my grandmother often.
62. I love to read.
63. My favorite book is P.S. I love You
64. I never broke a bone as a child.
65. I have broken my nose, foot, toe, ribs, and hand as an adult.
66. I love seafood.
67. I'm bad about having my oil changed.
68.I have become more accident prone in my adult years (see 65)
69. I don't trust any one's driving but my husbands.
70. I play the lottery. The most I've ever won was $75.
71. I'm a hopeless romantic.
72. My dream is to have a consignment shop.
73. I love trash day.
74. I wear a toe ring.
75. I had a belly ring in college.
76. I don't have any tattoos.
77. I love fried bologna sandwiches.
78. I love everything about New Orleans...the food, the music, the culture.
79. My wedding was at a botanical garden.
80. I love the farmer's market.
81. I've met Woody Harellson.
82. I think Adam Sandler is the funniest person on this planet.
83. I mow my own yard.
84. I'm not a big gambler, but I bet on The Kentucky Derby every year.
85. My husband and I save our change throughout the year and use it at Christmas.
86. I have never dyed my hair.
87. I like a cold beer with a splash of V-8 and a squeeze of lime (try it you'll love it).
88. My favorite number is 8.
89. My lucky number is 33.
90. I spend time with my parents almost every weekend.
91. I love pink and green together.
92. I love art festivals.
93. My taxes are never done on time.
94. I love red wine.
95. I've realized in the past two years who my true friends are.
96. I got engaged on New Years eve at The Ritz Carlton.
97. I want to be cremated and put in the Gulf of Mexico when I die.
98. I think tea lights are right up there with diamonds, shoes, and handbags. You can never have too many.
99. Whether it's a few hours or a few days, I miss my husband when we are apart.
100. I learned a lot about myself by writing this post.

I tag anyone who has never listed 100 things about yourself.


Always Organizing said...

Thanks again for your help with my links! I'm still messing around with the colors and I want to do something fun with the header.

I read your "100 things" post and we have some things in common including #s 49, 57, 60 and unfortunately #9 (when I was 19).

The Lining of My Life said...

OK ...bored at work so was reading your 100 thingie...good grief we have a lot in common....1,4,14,17,21,27,28**,29,32 (only on xanax),33,34,36,37,40,43,47,48,49,59,62,64,67,75,77,78,80,82...and well...I'm not even going to put one on my blog...I'll just tell people to refer to half of