Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1,012 miles and 2 Happy Meals later...

I'm back from my road trip with Dad.

What an adventure! Driving, singing, laughing, and talking. A true bonding experience.

Things worth mentioning:

There was a semi on fire about two hours into our trip which in turn added two hours to our trip. Complete GRIDLOCK in the Florida heat stuck on the interstate. While sitting in traffic I pulled out the atlas to get a better idea of where we were headed. Union Point, GA....G8...This doesn't seem right. Hey Dad...I thought you said we were headed North of Atlanta. G8 is Union Point and that is nowhere near Atlanta. Come to find out there are two Union Points in Georgia. Who knew. Glad we figured that one out when we did! Or else I may not be home yet.

On the road again and finally to Georgia our new destination took us through some interesting towns on a two lane road. One farm had a big sign in their front yard that stated "Thank You Jesus" we used this throughout the rest of our trip.

The family education day went well. My OUTLAWS didn't say a word to me "Thank You Jesus" and my husband seems to be doing well...Again, Thank You.

On our adventure home we got caught in a severe hail storm but survived "Thank You Jesus."

We called into my step mom to keep us updated on the Rays score (Dad's a huge baseball fan).

Dad: What's the score?
Her: Rays are up 1-0 in the eighth.
Dad: Who's pitching?
Her:It's either this player or that player(I can't remember whose names she said I just go to the games for the hot dogs and the cold beer).
Dad: Those players are two different colors!

Funny? I think so.

All in all it was a great trip with my Dad. We made it home safely, I only had to drive an hour and a half out of the 18 hours "Thank You Jesus", And I have a knew found love for Happy Meals...Just no use for the plastic toy inside.


Always Organizing said...

So glad you had a good trip!

The Lining of My Life said...

Really happy you made it back well adn your husband is doing OK....18 hours?? good grief that is a hell of a drive! We live 6 hours from Florida and that drive alone makes me go crazy