Thursday, May 15, 2008

Glad I Gave You A Good Laugh...

I was in the car with my parents the other day. I brought up the topic of having my insurance deductible met and how I was trying to knock out all of the Doctor's visits I needed before the end of the year.



Family Practitioner...Check

Me: I need to make an appointment to have my ears cleaned (very serious). Sometimes when I'm at the gym they feel clogged, or I can't hear. It almost sounds muffled. I think I have ear wax!

Them: Hysterically laughing. Laughing. Laughing.

Me: What's so funny?

Them: Laughing. Snorting. Laughing...Most people clean their own ears! Like with a Q-Tip or ear solution.

Me: Well, I don't. Besides, I work right down the hall from an ENT. I'll get him to clean my ears.

Them: Laughing. Go ahead call. Make an appointment. They will laugh at you too.

End of conversation.

Whatever! I haven't called to make an appointment yet, but I will.

Did I really just have this conversation with the same people that tell us as children "NEVER TO STICK ANYTHING SMALLER THAN YOUR ELBOW IN YOUR EAR?"


Kerry said...

I've heard of people getting their ears cleaned... and want mine cleaned too! Report back on what your ENT tells you!!

Francesca Victoria said...

There are products you can buy at the drug store or health/food stores to apply to your ears and then flush them out! What she didn't tell you is that I (one of the parents in the story) worked at a cardiology office- let's call them the "Fart Specialists" and a patient was coming in to have his pacemaker checked and wanted to know if someone would clean out his ears while he was there! Needless to say- we all laughed until our sides hurt!! You CAN have your ears cleaned out without going to a doctor for it and you can most likely do it yourself!

Shannie said...

I thought of you just now and had to stifle laughter... My mil just told me she had an appt. with her general practitioner on Wednesday to clean her ears... That they were so full of wax she couldn't hear. OMG, I had to immediately come here and comment! LMAO!

Lacy Rose said...

I distinctly remember being a little girl in my doctors office and they had this neat little ear cleaner outer machine. They hooked a little tube up to my ear and there was a basin with water at the end... Thats about all I remember but man I wish I had one at home!