Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Traffic Feed...

Is annoying I know.

All of a sudden I'm paranoid.

I discovered that my BIL was on my computer a couple of weeks ago when he was here to pick up my husband. Do you think he found my blog? I really shouldn't care as I believe he is well aware of what a FUCKING TURD I think he is!

I know...I know... Paranoia will Destroy ya.

So instead I'm looking at it like an undercover investigation. FBI if you will.

If Palm Harbor, Florida registers then I'm changing my name and moving to the islands (with Lola of course).

If you're vacationing to the islands this summer maybe we'll meet. I'll be the one mixing your cocktails or maybe braiding your hair on the beach(really doesn't sound that bad).

1 comment:

The Lining of My Life said...

Why was he on your computer? Sounds like those people just give you hell all the time....this is why I avoid mine as much as possible....hope this finds you well...