Monday, January 12, 2009

Something I've Never Told Yall...

Is that I'm the proud owner of a metal detector.

Consider yourselves special...Cuz I don't share that with everyone (I just don't think people would take me seriously).

A couple of years ago I decided I was going to become a "Treasure Hunter." So, I decided that I needed a metal detector.I assured my husband that I would use it, that I had to have it and with all the gold and rare coins that I would be finding it would quickly pay for itself.

To date...I've found 63 cents. Well I've actually found more than that, that is just all that was worth keeping.

I haven't brought it out in awhile. As it annoys the shit out of my father and I don't think is any longer welcome on beach get togethers. One time I brought it to a family picnic and am quite certain that he emptied the change from his pockets just so I would get excited about my 27 cents and turn the thing off.

Anyhow, yesterday I get a call from one of my girlfriends... She wants to come down with her hubby, her daughter and go to my beach and find treasures!

YAY! Now this is a lifelong girlfriend (since 7th grade). She was also my college roommate and is responsible for saving my life when I nearly caught my house on fire (yes, she did bring me an I finally have one!) That being said... She's the type of friend that you can confess to that you own a metal detector.

Her reaction...She was excited! So now we're both excited! A treasure hunt it is! We borrowed a second one from The Old Guy next door (the type of person you would expect to own one) and we're off to the beach.

I wish that I could tell you that we found something great. We didn't. A nail, a screw, a broken pair of sunglasses, 6 bottle tops and a button. All of which we gift wrapped and gave to The Old Guy as a "Thank You" for lending us his equipment.

What we did find though was ourselves buzzed in the hot tub, talking about old times, being silly and calling old friends.

That to me was worth more than another 63 cents! Times like those are life's little treasures!

Two things I learned from our treasure hunt:
1. I live near a very clean beach.
2. The economy must really be in the shitter if people are keeping that tight a grip on their pocket change.


Shannie said...

My fil has one and it IS fun! I totally would own up to having one... YAY! Glad you had fun!!!!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I'm so jealous that you own a metal detector! I always see old guys using them on the beach and watch to borrow theirs.

kat4pac said...

I am so jealous that you own a metal detector. WE MUST go hunting.I think you just got alittle cooler.

Molly said...

I want to go again!! Do you think old guy will lets us barrow his metal detector again?? Heather thinks we should all (her included) go to the beach at the Ritz.

Ace C said...

Lol. Good story. Maybe I should get me one of those.

Anonymous said...

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