Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Search Term Fun...

So I totally stole this post idea from Shannie. I finally figured out how to track how certain people land in here. Here are some recent visitors search terms.

1. Name Lola in Chinese Letters: Interesting, but you aren't going to find your answer here. I don't speak Chinese. Shit, I can barely speak Spanish and my maiden name is VERY Spanish.

2. My Neighbor is Old: Why yes he is. But if you make fun of him I will SOOO open up a can of whoop ass on you! He's old, but he's fun and most days, especially on the tennis court I feel much older than him.

3. Lola Happy Happy: She is. She is.

4. Two Things Man and A Horse Shower: WTF??? Don't even talk to me about men right now. A Horse Shower??? I don't know...A hose maybe.

That's all I have. No sickos thank God!

Going out on the town tonight with some friends. It's been a long time. And I will be sans wedding ring. Time to get back out there.


morewineplease said...

Love em! I dont have any crazy look up terms... means I am a boring blogger.. I must step it up a notch!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I'll have to check that out. Have an awesome time tonight. This is a new chapter of your life, so exciting. And you get to write your very own pages now. Have fun, enjoy!!!!!

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

You go girl- every day is closer to a better one.

Courtney said...

I can't figure this out. Ughghg.
But I find it hilarious on other blogs.

Shannie said...

LMAO! Horse and man shower?!?!? WTF? Either that was a major typo, or some seriously sick shit! Hope you had fun out on the town!!!!! XOXOXO