Friday, October 3, 2008

Search Term Fun

I haven't been keeping track all week, but this is how three people ended up in this joint...

1.KISS LOLA: I do. Everyday! You can too if you come visit her. She'll kiss you back too.

2.PANTIES LIL LOLA: Again, she doesn't wear panties. I'm over the whole panty thing people! Quit reminding me! It seriously makes me want to vomit!

3.SUCKER FOR A GUY WHO COMES TO MY AID AND THEN I HAVE A CRUSH: I don't recall blogging about anything related to this...But it actually did happen to me. It's easy to develop a crush on someone who helps you through tough times. I say call him. What do you have to lose?

That's all folks...

I'll keep better track next week.

Glad to see we're still not attracting any pervs in here.


Shannie said...

Yeah, the panties thing needs to be just forgotten... XOXO

Live.Love.Eat said...

How DO you do the whole tracking thing anyhoo?