Friday, October 10, 2008

A Warm Fuzzy

The Rockin' Wife over at View From The Front Porch sent some love my way.

Thank you Rockin' Wife! You made my day! Go check out her blog. She's a wife and a mom and has a Rockin' Blog.

We actually went to high school together (did you figure that out yet Rockin' Wife??)

I'm in a very sharing mood today (because it's Friday) So,I'm sharing this love with ALL OF YOU! So grab this love and consider yourselves hugged!


The Rockin' Wife said...

Yes, honey. How did you know? I figured it out a little while ago. I saw the picture of you and your Grandmother and I almost fell on the floor. I had been reading your blog for a while.... and honestly, I do not talk to anyone in SRQ anymore. Then when you posted the "Sarasota, do I know you?" That was not me, I live in Tampa, but I figured you would think I was a total weirdo. Anyway, I think I found your blog from Live Love Eat, and I love her... We even tried to meet up at the Kenny Chesney concert. You know, with blogs, they are kind of personal, and not many people in my real life know I even have one. So, anyway, the award was because I like your blog, and I like how you can talk about personal real life dirty panty-leaving drama, and then talk about beers at baseball games and fun neighbors. And I love to drink wine on my back patio, also!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah, cool, you ladies know each other. And I love you both so that's even cooler. I am so feeling the love up in here. We should meet up and go to a game sometime, and have beers and talk dirty about men. Have a great weekend.

Life, Love And Lola said...

Rockin' Wife,
I saw the picture you posted awhile back of you and Stephanie. Don't worry about anyone finding your blog through me. Only a few friends know about mine. A VERY SELECT FEW! We should get together for a drink sometime!

Live Love Eat,

YES! Lets all get together! FAB idea!

The Rockin' Wife said...

It is just so wild that out of all the blogs out there, that we found each other....especially since I have been out of Sarasota for so long...It is bizarre.

But, we should get together for a drink. If you are ever in Tampa for a Bucs game, or THE WORLD SERIES, maybe?!? Or are just up in the neighborhood. It would be really fun.

I hope you are doing well.