Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome to Molly's Memories

Well L,L & L has left and gave me the keys!!


What the hell was she thinking? I have never blogged, can't spell and she gave me the keys to this joint. Sweet.

I only have three goals for these 11 fun filled days.

1. Don't lose any followers!

2. Keep the misspelling to a minimum!

3. Have some fun!

With some help from S&S I have reset the countdown for L,L&L return. That way we know when we need to start cleaning up.

For my first blog I'm going to keep it short and tell you a memory I have of L,L&L from many a moon ago.

We were in high school driving down to Key West for a senior trip. The drive was about a seven hours with five girls in a Suzuki jeep.

Now I don't know if you remember the Suzuki jeeps, but they were not much bigger than the smart cars that L,L&L is such a fan of.

L,L&L was in the middle of the back with me and another friend of ours on each side. The first few hours were fine we were singing and laughing you can feel the love. Around hour 5 we were getting restless! At one point I looked at L,L&L and she had both legs over me with her head on our other friend. She was just kicked back relaxing, while the two of us on either side could not move. I said to her L,L&L for PETE SAKE! She sat there for a minute with a puzzled look on her face then said



Stereos and Souffles said...

Nice work Molly, aside from the spelling and grammar.

kat said...

good job molly

morewineplease said...

that is hilarious! Great story.. Hope you are enjoy your stay in bloggy land.

Life, Love And Lola said...

K...I am still curious...Who in the hell is Pete?

Molly you gained a follower while I was gone...Or did you pay them?