Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whoever Said Funny and Cute Couldn't Get You Far...

(Sorry about this shot...Some tourist cut Duke's head off!)

Wasn't Funny and Cute enough...

Hawaii Story #1:


Scene takes place on Waikiki Beach in front of "Duke Statue" (The Legendary surfer aka "The God of Surf").

I place a call to Molly cuz I'm in front of the live web cam...No answer. Head back to The Red Lion Bar where I left my Mom...and my Mai Tai. Just as I'm sitting down to take a sip Molly calls back.

So back across the street I head. Red light. Look both ways (why I'm not sure as it was a one way street). Cars are stopped. I cross.

Within seconds of me crossing I see a cop LOOKING.STRAIGHT.AT.ME.

Cop: "Excuse me miss."

Me: Looking around to see who he's talking to...Cuz it couldn't be ME!

Cop: "You...Over here now!"

Me: Thinking Holy Fuckin Shit..." Did I do something wrong?"

Cop: " You just jaywalked and that's against the law."

Me: " I'm so sorry...I didn't know."

Cop: " Seriously...You didn't know? What were you doing? Where are you from? When did you get here?"

Me: "I'm from Florida...My friends are gonna watch me on the live web cam in front of Duke...Got here yesterday."

Cop: "Girlfriend...You smell like you've been drinking."

Me: "I have been... My drink is waiting for me at The Red Lion...My Mom and I are sitting down there (pointing in that direction)."

Cop: "Are you driving?"

Me: " No Sir...Just Jaywalking"

He laughed and gave me a warning ticket.


Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah! Cute!!!!!! Hey, if you're gonna get busted for jaywalking let it be in Hawaii then!!! Meet any hotties?

PaperCourt said...

Love it!

Shannie said...

Way to go, my cute, funny & clever friend! Love it!

(I just ate cheese toast with jalapenos and was thinking of you! XO)

Pharmacist Erin said...

This is too funny! So cool that there's a webcam your friends could see you on!

Good thing the cop had a sense of humor!

Newlywed said...

LMAO! Such a sassy Pesh comment!

Life with Kaishon said...

A warning ticket! I have never heard of such a thing :) . Very funny : )!

Ace C said...

Now that is a cute story. I think the cop was sweet on you.

Anonymous said...

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