Friday, April 17, 2009

Answer me this...

Stereos & Souffles here for your Friday reading pleasure:

Who the hell is 31eVA5QhtojITTaA9cJ?

And how exactly do you pronounce that?
This is one of the followers of my blog.

Don't get me wrong, I love followers, but something is fishy with 31eVA5QhtojITTaA9cJ.
What a pain in the ass signing in with that name.

Are they a Terrorist? Petnapper? Cyber Stalker? Escaped Mental Patient?

Holy shit. Oh God.
Just thought of something.
I think I know who this is.
It takes a big person for such a big name.
That only leaves one person with a vendetta against S&S...


Some of you may recall that I wrote a rather scathing letter to Wynonna regarding her promotion and use of the Alli diet pill (think oily stool skid mark.) After a week or so, my husband suggested that I permanently remove the post from my blog for safety reasons and to avoid a headline like this:


What to do. What to do. Should I block the follower? Leave it be and sleep with one eye open while clutching my bag of potato chips? No, scratch that. She can probably smell potato chips from a mile away. I should lay low for awhile with some baby carrots. No chance of her getting near them.

But what if it's not her? Could 31eVA5QhtojITTaA9cJ be dangerous? I've only got 18 followers and I can't really afford to alienate one. Maybe someday he/she will comment and leave some clue to his/her identity. Let's ponder this until next Friday and see if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

In the meantime, do me a solid. If you spot Wynonna crossing the Florida state line, keep an eye on her for me. That shouldn't be hard.


The Rambler said...

Got your back girl!

When are you out my way again? I can't count for crap. :)

I'm in San Fran 20-27 of May.

Newlywed said...

She's got nothing on us - it will take a Vegetarian Village to stop her, that's for sure, so it's a good thing we've got one! And with back up like Frenchy and Gremlin, she's a gonner! No worries, Yamerson.

Happy TGIF L,L&L!

Life, Love And Lola said...


And another day off...Whoop Whoop. I need it as I am walking 15 hours starting at 6 pm tonite for Relay For Life...Wish me luck!

Rambler, I will be on your Island May 9th-20th. Lets meet for a drink. Also, I would love to know the "must dos" while I'm there. You can email me at

Anonymous said...

Watch your blog!!

morewineplease said...

What are you drinking?

Shannie said...

LMAO! Okay, that totally made me spit my water...

Yes, I think baby carrots or some spinach leaves would be wise choices.