Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Assignment

So, the therapist gave me an assignment. Actually, she referred to it as "HOMEWORK."

But, I don't do homework (never liked it much). So, we'll call it an assignment.

Apparently WE are ALL PROSTITUTES. Bet you didn't know that.

Anyhow, when she refers to prostitution she means:

"That we all allow things to happen in our lives that we know are NOT OK, but we allow it because we gain something from it."

So my assignment is to reflect back on the past two years and write down EVERYTHING that has happened in my life that I allowed to happen that was NOT OK and what did I gain from it.

How about if I tell her "My life was fucked up, my husband left because he's an alcoholic, and I was suffering from anxiety so I started a blog."

The gain?

Now I have YOU GIRLS!!!

I don't think that's exactly what she had in mind. But that's what I'm to be working on. Which is NOT.GOING.TO.BE.FUN!

Talk to you later...HOOKERS.


The Lining of My Life said...

Wow...never considered myself a hooker....many other things ..but not a hooker...has a nice ring to it....

Dana said...

Someitmes I feel like a hooker...
g/l with your assignment. There isn't enough paper in the world for me to write down all of the NOT OK things in my life over the past 2 years. :)

Shannie said...

Good luck w/the "assignment." I hope it helps.... It'll be diffcult, I'm sure. I'm here for ya, my fellow hooka. xoxo

Life, Love & Lola said...

Can yall just do it for me? It's due next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

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