Wednesday, June 25, 2008


If I had a dime for every...minute I missed my husband I would be loaded.

If I could catch a star I'd...sell it on EBAY.

If you saw me cry you'd...give me a hug I hope.

If you could read my eyes they'd tell you...I'm lonely some days.

If I could go back 5 years I would...have invested in GOOGLE.

If you saw me walking...I would be listening to my IPOD.

If I could fly, I'd fly to...The Dominican Republic.

If I had a black cat sitting in front of me...I'd pet it.

If I could live in the Big Apple I'd...Miss the beach a lot.

If I had to leave my soul mate...It would be the toughest thing I ever did.

If I could be a movie star I'd be...Filthy Rich & Famous!

If I had half a million I'd...Sleep better at night.

If I could pick only 6 things in the house to have for 1 year, they would, crock pot, refrigerator, stereo, washer, dryer

If I could have a dream come have a home in the islands.

If the drinking age was lowered...there would be a lot more alcohol related deaths in this world.

If aliens really do exist...Stay the hell away from my house!

If school wasn't required...there would be a lot of stupid people in this world.

If I had a special would be to bring people back from the dead.

If I am what I eat...then I'm The Big Cheese.

If I'm rubber and you're glue...then I bounce and you're sticky.

If I ruled the world...I wouldn't. That's more responsibility than I can deal with!

If dogs are a man's best friend...then they are a woman's VERY VERY best friend.

If time heals all wounds...then one day I will be healed.

If I won the would change my life, but not the person that I am.

If actions speak louder than words...then shut the hell up and prove it.

If I died tomorrow...I would be missed. Especially by Lola.


The Lining of My Life said...

awww.that was nice...

Shannie said...

that was nice! love it!

Dana said...

That is awesome.

Always Organizing said...

Saw your comment about google analytics. It is a separate component that you can log into. Once you login with your gmail account it will track so you don't have to add it to your blog page...

Always Organizing said...

I'm going to post more about how to set up google analytics :)

Dana said...

if you need to vent - my email is