Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Dude That I met at Rays Fan Fest Last Weekend,

Lose my number!

Seriously...LOSE IT!

I don't typically give out my number in the first place...But you were there having fun, you're a Rays fan, you like dogs, you were easy to talk to, you seemed nice enough and I thought if nothing else I had made a new friend.


Maybe I appeared innocent and Naive...Don't let the pigtails fool you!!

When I got home I googled your ass. Yuck! You mentioned you were a photographer... However, you didn't mention you were THAT TYPE of photographer.

I want to vomit just thinking that while WE were talking baseball YOU were probably picturing me half naked sprawled out on the hood of one of your sports cars sucking on a lollipop.


Seriously...Lose my number! I'm SOOO not your type...I have class! You're not tall enough for me anyhow!




morewineplease said...

scary larry strikes again!

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

He told me he was in real estate!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Hahaha... Thanks goodness for Google!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh my gosh. Google is a lifesaver!!!!! Ew.........

Life, Love And Lola said...

Real Estate? Yeah right! He also told me he was 2 yrs younger than he actually is! So that makes him a lying OLD perv! You know how much I despise lying...So he doesn't have a chance in hell with me!

Yes!!!! Thank God for google!

Anonymous said...

Yuck. And I see the return of a happy name - Wentworth. *sigh*

Shannie said...

Ack! What a creep! Good thing you googled him... Before he invited you to his garage!

Ace C said...

Lol. Poor dude.