Saturday, February 21, 2009

Raise Your Glasses...Cuz It's My Blogiversary

You asked...

I answered...

1. What the hell REALLY happened here when Dad and I went to Connecticut only to come home to a very poor job of covering up a MASSIVE party?
(From Life On The Tail Of A Comet aka My Mom)

Well Comet here is what happened...

My Mia Smiles, PaperCourt, Stereos & Souffles and I were hosting Friday night Bible Study while you were out of town. A group of Jehovah's witnesses showed up with beer, liquor and weed. WE WERE PISSED! So all hell broke loose.

You're not buying that are you?

K. I said I would answer...

I did have a party. I didn't however intend for it to be MASSIVE.

I just invited the regular crowd...

You know... The Football Team, The Baseball Team, My Highland Dance Squad, The Color Guard, The Surfers, The Stoners and even a couple of The Geeks (cuz I'm nice like that).

The party was going rather smoothly until people from "That OTHER High School" showed up. There was a fight and the cops were called. The Football Team took care of the "OTHER" school and The Baseball Team smoothed things over with the cops. The girls and I sat back and ate pizza with The Stoners while The Geeks cleaned up.

Viola...The party continued.

I thought we (I mean The Geeks) did a nice clean up job...Until I awoke one morning after you got home to beer cans, bottle tops, cigarette butts and a condom wrapper (that y'all had found on the property) sitting next to my alarm clock. Just sitting there staring me in the face. Gotta love Dad's punishment! I was terrified to come out of my room for breakfast!

I'll admit to the smokes and to the beers. I promise the condom wasn't mine (or his). I'm still a virgin...That's why you don't have Grandchildren yet!!!

Just be grateful I didn't burn the house down (like I almost did to my very own recently). And know that y'all were missed at the party. You would have had a blast!

Hindsight...I'm wishing that Molly aka "Our Mother Hen" would have been on clean up duty. I most likely would not have gotten caught. But she was nowhere to be found...I'm thinking she may have the answer to the condom wrapper??? (Just kidding Molly)

2. What is your favorite wine?
(From Shannie)

Well as for color I prefer Red. Preferably a Merlot or a Pinot Noir.

My favorite wine in the entire world is Groth. It made me really sad just writing that...Cuz it doesn't fit in my budget anymore. Next to that I guess the answer would be wine at my parents or neighbors house...Cuz it's free!

3. If Lola wanted a friend, what kind of dog would you pick for her and why?
(From Shannie)

I SOOO want a Goldendoodle! Lola does too! They are smart, beautiful and best of all they don't shed! I would get a female and most likely call her Lily (I'm still saving never know). The reason we haven't gotten one is because again...It doesn't fit my budget!

Shit Shannie...Your questions made me feel poor.

4. My question is how many pairs of shoes DO you have?
(From My Mia Smiles)

Last I counted I had 94 pair. Hang on...I'll go count again as they seem to multiply like bunnies.

K. I'm back and just as I suspected they multiplied. 99 pair. Good God what goes on in there when the doors are shut? Note to self...Leave closet doors open.

5. What's your favorite piece of clothing/accessory/or designer?
(From KD Lost)

I bought a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses a year and a half ago while visiting The Dominican Republic. They were A LOT more than I usually spend, but I can assure you I deserved them and I love them with all my heart!

I'm also loving My Big Buddha handbag from Addison Craig. Even though it is somewhat of a black hole!

6. Favorite brand of Jeans & Shoes & hair product?
(From More Wine Please)

I love my French Connection jeans. I love the length and they are oh so comfy! I loved them enough that I have two exact pair.

Obviously y'all know my love of shoes. What's funny though is you will most often find me in my Havaianas. I have nine pair. They are all different. Some more fancy than others, but I love them all equally the same!

I don't really use hair products. So I guess the answer is my brush.

P.S. About Comet's blog...She got rid of it! I think we should kick her ass!

7. Will you go for a windsurfing date with your Dad around May 5th 2009?
(Dad's question)

Are you kidding me? I will go on a date with you ANY DAY...ANY TIME! It would be my honor to spend May 5th on the water with you! Let's not forget that is also my birthday...and Cinco De Mayo...So Margaritas,Coronas and Presents MUST be involved! Tell the sharks to take the day off and I'm there! Thanks for stopping by Dad...And thanks for hanging the moon! XOXO

8. I decided to delete this one.

Here is to all of you who have endured this year with me.

Thank you.

I raise my glass to you.

All of you.

You've saved my life more than you know.

Life,Love & Lola


kat4pac said...

thats alot of info for one post

Shannie said...

Love this post!! Too freaking funny!!!! I'll come back and comment more later.

Yeah, don't feed the not-so-nice-and-light-hearted commenter (jerk, LET HER BE...)... Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Don't let "Disavowed" rain on your parade.


Disavowed said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

Dear "Disavowed", this is LL&L's happy place. We come here to hear what she has to say. It's not a forum for you to try to get "your side" out.
I'll just leave it at on your own life, peace be with you and move on.

Always Organizing said...

Hey lady! Sorry I've been m.i.a. for a couple of days. Great post! Sorry I didn't have a funny question to add to the mix, but enjoyed reading your answers... 99 pairs of shoes? Damn!

PaperCourt said...

I wrote a very long comment and it didn't post. Dangit!

I remember the party. Didn't involve someone being kicked by combat boots?

Live.Love.Eat said...

Sorry I didn't get to put in a question but loved the others and the answers. We raise our glass to you as well. Happy Blogiversary!

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