Saturday, February 14, 2009

Playing Cupid...Life, Love & Lola Style...


My girlfriend looks at me and says: "Shit, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I don't have anything for my husband...Not even a card"

Me: "Hang on...We can fix this"

Me again (to other girlfriend in the group): "See if the bartender has some scissors"

Request granted and scissors in hand I cut a perfect heart out of a Budweiser coaster...thinking maybe we could make him a card.

One Budweiser Heart was not enough...

And then there were two.

Her: "How about this?" (holding both Budweiser Hearts up to her boobs)

Me: "Pasties! Great idea! Now all you need is a pair of red panties and some tape. It will be his best Valentine's Day ever!"

And she is SOOO gonna do it!

How's that for creativity?


Tipsy Nikki said...

Please post his response to the Budweiser pasties. That is awesome!

Robin said...

Sounds like he will have a great Valentine's day...

PaperCourt said...

I heard you had fun. So sad I missed it!