Thursday, July 31, 2008


A. Attached or Single? Attached.

B. Best Friend? Quite a few. I heart my besties!

C. Cake or Pie? Key Lime Pie.

D. Day of Choice? Saturday. It's the only day I completely forget about work.

E. Essential Item? Victoria's Secret "Slice of Heaven" lip gloss

F. Favorite Color? Green

G. Gummy Bears or Worms? I don't do gummies.

H. Home town? Sarasota, FL

I. Indulgence? Stone Crab Claws & Red Wine

J. January or July? July! Love the summer.

K. Kids? Just my four legged fury one.

L. Life isn't complete without? Love

M. Marriage date? 3/29/2003 (Thank God it's engraved on my charm bracelet Sometimes I get it confused with the 23rd)

N. Number of Brothers and Sisters? Two Step-sisters. I'm the oldest. The youngest took off to Hawaii in January with this total Jackass. I'm going to wring her neck when I see her. So then I guess I'll only have one. :)

O. Oranges or Apples? I'm not much of a fruit eater. Love my veggies though!

P. Phobias? heights, escalators, snakes, Mondays

Q. Quotes? "And one day there shall be a love so strong that when one cries the other tastes salt" (my all time favorite)

"If you live to be 100 I want to live to be 100 minus one day that way I never have to live without you" -Winnie The Pooh

"I can deal with anything as long as I have the Right Shoes"

R. Reasons to Smile? Pre-Season Football kicks off this weekend!

S. Season of Choice? Summer. Love grilling out by the pool, boating and being outside.

T. Tag 5 People - whoever hasn't done this and wants to.

U. Unknown story About Me? I had to be cut out of my gown on my wedding night by the concierge at The Ritz Carlton. No joke! My husband was trying to help me out of my gown and broke the zipper handle right off. I started to panic! We called down to the concierge desk requesting scissors right away. They came up and cut me out of my gown. I had never been so relieved in all my life. They informed me that I wasn't the first Bride that this had happened to.

V. Vegetable? Artichokes

W. Worst Quality? I'm WAY TOO Sensitive. Most days I wish I had thicker skin!

X. X-Ray or Ultrasound? I've had plenty of X-Rays. Too many.

Z. Zodiac Sign? Taurus (Yep, The Bull)

Z. Zoo Animal? Penguins and Monkeys I could watch both for hours.

*ETA* Back to Season of choice...FOOTBALL SEASON is my favorite season! And to think I said summer. What was I thinking?


Stephanie said...

Nice to know a little more 'bout you. I LOVE stone crab claws with that special mustard sauce, and HATE Mondays!!!

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

I can't remember what tagging is. Someone explained it to me once but I've slept since then.
I love watching alligators. (Well eating them too!)They watch you back. They also don't fling poo!
I'm reading Carl Hiassen's "Native Tongue" and there's a scene in a place called "Monkey Mountain" where the "fling poo"! It made me think of your who flung poo blog.

Stephanie said...

P.S. Loved your comment about making the cut. I'm no one special to be cutting people out. Just the rude ones which were only a small few :)

Dana said...

HELL YEAH - FOOTBALL!!!! I'n so happy to have a friend that LOVES FB. I love Sundays during the fall!

Thanks for sharing with us!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Come on... January beats July in sunny Florida!!

Great story about being cut from your dress!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...
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Shannie said...

As always, we have soooo freaking much in common!

Too funny about the dress!!!!!