Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Funday

After last night I didn't think I could fit any more "TRAILER PARK" into my weekend, but somehow managed to do so today.

That arm of mine was SO twisted...Once again.

We went here...

And listened to a band who's name was "RODE HARD" which was appropriate, as most of the people there WERE.

Seriously, the less teeth you have at this place the more popular I think you are.

Which made me a GEEK!

It actually resulted in a Revelation.

My life really isn't all that bad!

And a little history lesson:
1938- The acclaimed, “Revenge of the Killer Turtles” starring Johnny Weismuller as Tarzan was filmed here. Some of the turtles and monkeys escaped during filming taking up residence along the banks of the Myakka River.

1947- The turtles convinced a small group of investors to open Snook Haven Restaurant as a place where army troops could come for entertainment.

1954- Elvis began his career. Shrouded in secrecy he makes Snook Haven his second home and still plays here seasonally to a packed house.

1960- The turtles encourage a young Catholic Senator from Massachusetts to run for President, with their help he won and was forever grateful.

1969- Before his historic flight, Neil Armstrong stopped in. Armstrong, after his meal, is noted as saying, “That’s one small price for a meal, those portions could feed all mankind.”

1975- After years of harmony, the turtles began a vicious turf war. Jimmy Hoffa visited Snook Haven to negotiate peace. Shortly afterward, he disappeared.

1989- After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Ronald Reagan & George Bush stopped by for a few beers and some Old Florida southern cooking.

1991- Reagan and Bush returned to celebrate the fall of the Soviet Union. The party however, was cut short due to fear of Dan Quayle running the White House.

2004- Avid sports fans, after helping the Buc’s win the super bowl in 2003, the turtles put pressure on the New York Yankees. They blow a three game series lead and the Boston Red Sox go on and win their first World Series in 86 years.

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Shannie said...

Okay, LMAO, again... I love a good "juke joint." And, people watching at them...