Saturday, July 26, 2008

Well Rested and Ready To Go

My parents got home last night and picked up The Redd Dog (she calls him Rodrigo on her blog, but his real name is Redd.)

I slept until 9:30 which is unheard of under this roof (guess I needed it) Oh, and Lola...She slept until 11:00...and is now napping.

Truth be told, I kinda miss Redd. He is just the sweetest most gentle dog you've ever met.

As far as bitching about my lack of sleep...

I feel bad cuz...

My Mom came home with a shiner!
From the surfboard hitting her in the eye.
And she didn't sleep either.

This is exactly why I don't camp!

Now I'm off to a party at one of my neighbors house.
Who I love to be around (and who are also gay.) It makes me feel like I'm starring in an episode of Will & Grace.

So last weekend was white trash and today is gay.


The Lining of My Life said...

have fun.....oh and I LOVE Willa dn Grace .....miss it wu=ish it was still on.....I'm off to the Wine tasting social....mad ebaked tomatoes and a cheese tray.....yum

Dana said...

How funny - you are the most diverse person I know. ;) Have fun! We had MIL over for dinner and then went for ice cream. Avery will need to soak for 3 hours in the tub to get it all off.

Shannie said...

Hope you had fun! I had a Day of Gay myself. I went to the salon!

Life, Love And Lola said...

Had a blast! There is something about being around gay guys that just makes you feel good.