Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Biker Chick I Am Not

I've talked about The Hoosier Bar in the past.

It's actually an ongoing joke in my family.We often tease my Grandmother about stopping there on her way to my parents house (cuz she always seems drunk when she arrives but she actually doesn't drink.) I seriously wanted to bring her and my mom there for Mother's Day but they suggested someplace with a little more class.

It's a total biker bar...with no windows...and lots of smoke...and really rough biker people...and I'm going tonight! There's a band playing that some friends want to listen to, so my arm has been twisted (which really isn't that hard to twist.)

If nothing else it should result in something blog worthy.

So, I'll be back tomorrow, assuming I don't get beat up by some biker chick with no teeth.

Wish me luck.

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morewineplease said...

That is hilarious about your gramma!