Friday, July 4, 2008

I cannot be trusted

With Cheetos in my house.Period!

It was sometime ago that I realized I had a problem. If I opened a bag regardless of size I.Would.Eat.Them.All! My love affair with Chester was way out of hand. So, I gave them up for Lent.

Well, after Lent was over I realized I really wasn't missing much so I continued to live a Cheeto.Free.Life. And, I was doing just fine.

Until...I decided to send my husband a care package a week and a half ago.

I loaded up on all of his favorites, Cheetos included, and boxed them up with a plan to mail out the next day.

That night while lying in bed reading, I remembered that there were Cheetos in the house. I couldn't fight the urge. Long story short I awoke the next morning in bed with an empty container and orange fingers.

Seriously, I think I ate them in my sleep.

Off to the Post Office...The care package was incomplete. So I stopped to replace the Cheetos that I had devoured.

Everyday I checked to see if my husband received the package. Everyday the answer was no.

Guess what arrived on my front step two days ago (apparently I wrote the wrong address).

So now there are Fucking Cheetos in my house again!

Leave me alone Chester!


Shannie said...

LMAO! Eat 'em up! I looove them, too. Avery prefers the puffy ones, I prefer the original crunchies. I buy the puffs so that I won't eat them. Well, that's my plan, anyway. It doesn't always work. Chester is damn HOT and irresistable.

Stephanie said...

LOL, LOL. I SOOOOOOOO Love these too. Oy my gosh. I just haven't eaten them in forever. I think I till have to buy a bag this weekend to devour so then I can go back to healthy on Monday.

morewineplease said...

This is hillarious, and what's more funny, I am eating a bag right now!!!! LOVE ME SOME CHESTER!

The Lining of My Life said...

I like them BUT my weakness is or was Planter cheese balls...and yeah...the assholes stopped making them like 5 years ago....

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I haven't had those in the longest time! So good! I'm the same way with chocolate - I eat an entire bag within 24 hours of buying it.