Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How do you greet your dog????

I saw this tee in a catalog I recently received.
For some reason it came across my mind as I returned home from work today.
I enter the house and there is Lola waiting for me at the garage door. Wagging her tail and looking at me like I hung the moon (or invented Milk Bones).
And so our conversation goes...
Me: Hi sweet angel. You're waggy wag. My precious pup! Did you miss me? Did you miss me?
Lola: Wagging...Wagging...Wagging
Me: We're you the best dog. Of course you were, you're the only dog. Is it time for a cookie? Let's get a cookie. Can you bow for the cookie? Good girl. You have to potty? Let's potty. Good girl!
Lola: Still wagging
Me: Are you an angel? You are an angel! You're the best one. Can I have kisses? Give me some kisses. Hugs? Do you have hugs for me? You're the best one!
Lola: Wagging..kissing..wagging.
Bottom line, If I greeted everyone as I do my dog I would either be arrested or put in a straight jacket!


Always Organizing said...

So cute :) I greet my Lola (kitty) with a string of lovey-dovey nicknames I have for her and she just looks at me with this face that says "feed me, bitch".

The Lining of My Life said...

This is what u say...
"Hello Starshine....the Earth Says Hello"