Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Santa vacations in Florida

My girlfriend and I went to an art festival over the weekend with her two boys. As we were walking her youngest, a first grader spotted Santa. He desperately wanted to go say hello. We explained that Santa was on vacation and that we shouldn't bother him. Obviously we didn't want to offend this overweight man with long white hair and a beard that was simply trying to enjoy the art.

An hour later...

We spot Santa again. Knowing her little one will not be able to resist my friend approaches Mrs. Claus and asks if it is okay for her son to say " Hi to Santa?" We get the okay. Little guy approaches this man "Santa...Santa" The kind man turns around says "hello" and reaches in his pocket and hands him a candy cane that he has brought with him to Florida all the way from The North Pole. Wow! That Santa is one smart cookie!

I turn to my friend, smile, and say "He'll believe for another year."

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