Saturday, April 5, 2008

To hang or not to hang...

Today has been spent spring cleaning and rearranging. For sometime now I have had a vision of doing a black and white picture collage in my hallway. Today I began that project.

I bought four different sized black frames to get this project started. I filled three and had to stop...

Frame #1 - a beautiful black and white portrait of my mother when she was in her twenties.

Frame #2 - my father-in-law's black and white college portrait.

Frame #3 - a black and white picture of my German Shepherd that passed away 4 yrs. ago.

As I stood back to admire my work and decide which picture to hang next I realized....All of these people are deceased and I only have one frame left (for now). Do I hang a picture of a living being among all of these that have gone before us? Or do I wait until I have more frames? What if I hang a picture and something happens to that person?

I cannot take responsibility for that.

I'll just wait.

Unless, any of my readers have a black and white photo of someone who has recently pissed you off. Send it my way and we'll see what happens. I'll need that in a 5X7.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I can get you enough photos to wall paper that whole wall....