Saturday, April 19, 2008

Was she serious????

So I spent today surrounded by people that make me feel good.

After a baby shower for one of my best friends I stopped at my parents to keep the love going because they are very loving, fun, and oh so funny (you'll see). As far as I'm concerned The Ultimate Couple.

My stepmother and I are catching up outside. Discussing my current situation. Husband entering rehab, my having to "MAN" the house and keep up with bills, the dog, the lawn, blah..blah..blah...

I suggest maybe I get a second job.

Apparently she was already thinking (while drinking).

Her: You should get a job at a club.

Me: I thought about that myself. I mean hell I bartended in college and made great money.

Her: No, I meant a strip know as a pole dancer. I mean you have the body and you've got the looks. You won't have to worry about finances.

Me: Are you serious? Do you understand that I would need at least a couple of drinks to get up on stage in front of anyone? So then at the end of my shift maybe I'm rich... but definitely loaded...who do you suggest brings me home?

Her: Your dad would pick you up.

Me: Yeah, right.

Me again: Dad here's your wife's idea....

Meanwhile, my stepmother goes inside and comes back out with shoes in hand.

Her: You'll need shoes like these (holding two pair of leopard heels one with a bow and one without).

Me: I would break my neck in those. You know how accident prone I am. How about flip-flops? You know I'm a flip-flop kinda girl. I'll be the first pole dancer ever to wear flip-flops.

Me: I'll make history! And money! Right dad? And you'll pick me up?

See, I told you they were FUN!

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The Lining of My Life said...

ummmmm...that's just funnny.....not saying you can't do it....whatever had many a time myself.....well we won't go there....but I am obsessive about staying fit and slim...not a great trait..but that is just me...don't want to look like my mom and all....I hope ur huband is doing well...and still throwing positive thoughts your i'll be OK...and it sounds like you have a freakin great family....wish my step mom was as open....