Sunday, April 20, 2008

How does she know what it tastes like??

I can't stop thinking about something my girlfriend said yesterday.

It keeps making me giggle.

Thought I would share.

While at the baby shower mommy-to-be (and she is obviously sober) and I are in the bathroom.

She exits stall while I'm washing my hands. In the Yacht Club Potty.

Mom-to-be: Thank God they have mouthwash...

Because it tastes like a cat shit in my mouth!

Now that's just FUNNY!

Who says that? Especially out loud at The yacht Club?

How about: Thank God they have mouthwash... Because "I have a bad taste in my mouth" or "My breath stinks"

Thank God I had just used the potty....

Because I surely would have pissed myself!

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