Saturday, April 12, 2008

They can't hear the blinker

Grandma picked me up this afternoon to head to my parents for dinner. Reason being was that I had a glass (or two) of wine and I just WON'T drink and drive.

Anyhow, shortly after leaving my neighborhood I thought maybe I was in better condition to drive (and she doesn't drink). She just always seems drunk. But she's really just fun!

Left hand turn (uses the blinker). Successfully moves over. 1/4 mile later (blinker still going).

Me: Grandma Your blinker is still on.

Grandma: Oh.

Next turn....1/4 mile later again (blinker still going).

Me: Grandma your blinker is still on. Nothing annoys me more than driving behind someone with their blinker on and they NEVER turn!

Finally I get a decent response.

Grandma: That's the thing about these hearing aids. You can't hear soft noises such as blinkers. So I don't realize until someone flips me off.

At that very moment some jackass behind us lays on his horn (because the blinker is still going).

Me: Let him pass you Grandma and turn off your blinker this guy is getting the finger.

Grandma: Oh Dear, Don't we'll get arrested.

Me: And I thought you were fun.

Lets stop at The Hoosier Bar.

And please turn off your blinker.

Okay, we don't have to stop at The Hoosier Bar today. We'll go there for Mother's Day and you can wear one of those tattoos my dad got you. Maybe the one with the heart that says "Medicare Is For The Birds" or whatever they say... something about arthritis or some other funny shit. Those biker dudes will get a kick out of you. That will be good fun....and they have a really good hamburger!

Now, turn off your blinker. Please.

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