Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Just got home from a neighborhood friends house. The one who lives most of the year in Jamaica. She hosted "Taco Tuesday" tonight.

She broke the rules. There wasn't a taco in sight.

Her MIL is visiting from Jamaica, and is as Jamaican as they come. Born and raised. And she cooked for all of us.


I truly felt like I was back in Jamaica.

Except that I was in my own neighborhood, I wasn't smoking gonga and I have to go to work tomorrow. But that's besides the point.

Anyhow, this MIL rocks! She is as sweet as they come! She's an excellent cook and speaks very little English. Patois is her language. Not sure if you've ever heard it, but it's very different.

While sitting and (kind of) speaking with her. I noticed that really all she ever said was "Yes" but the way that she says it with her accent is more like "Yeeas" (you know Jamaican like). And all sweet and such.

I could have sat with her ALL.NIGHT.LONG. I asked her a million questions about Jamaica, and told her how much I loved her Island, and how I had honeymooned there back in the day.

"Yeeas, Yeeas and Yeeas" was all she would say.

Next time I see her I have some different questions for her...And this is how the conversation will go...

Me: "Do you think I'm pretty?"

Her: "Yeeas!"

Me: "Am I the smartest Florida girl you've ever met"

Her: "Yeeas!!"

Me: "Do you love me the best of everyone here?"

Her: "Yeeas!!!"

I can't wait!


Shannie said...

OH.MY.GOD.! You made me spit my coffee AGAIN. This is the best post EVER. I want to ask her some questions, too!!!!!! Sounds like a fun night, though!

morewineplease said...

That is the best conversation ever! She could train all the men in the world!!!!!!!!
Sounds like a fun night! Good for you!

Stephanie said...

LOL. U soooo craayzeeeee!!! Your night sounded fun though. I would love some Jamaican food!

Cristin said...

Oh I want to meet her!! I want to ask her if I have the biggest tits ever!!!

Shannie said...

Can we visit her when I come down??? Please???

Stephanie said...

LOl,LOL,LOL - a big fat yes to your question.
The way to a man's heart is through his tummy (before heading south). Ugghhh, did I just say that. Ha haha. I am so PG on my blog because my inlaws and others I totally respect read it & to offend them would be the worst thing to do. So I will come over and dirty up your place. ha hah a.

Life, Love And Lola said...


She heads back to Jamaica next week. I know we would be welcome to go visit her. Especially since she thinks I'm so wonderful and all!